Daesdaemar Japanese Spitz 

Daesdaemar Breeders Team

Over the last couple of years, Daesdaemar has competed with a Breeders Group whenever possible.

There are 2 or 3 shows each year with a Breeders Group competition.

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014

Debbie with Hayley, Amanda with Jacob, Ashley with Prince and Bec with Sammy.

Spring Fair August, 2013


Best Non Sporting Breeders team -
Amanda with Jacob, Debbie with Hayley, Denise with Dallas and Cheree with Prince!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013


Featured is Jacob (with Ashley and then Amanda), Prince (with Amanda and then Ashley),
Hayley with Debbie and Dallas is with Denise.

County of Cumberland, April 2012

Best Breeders Team in Show this year at County of Cumberland!!!

Amanda with Jacob, Cheree with Prince, Ashley with Dallas and Debbie with Hayley!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2012



Amanda with Jacob, Ashley with Jackson/Sammy, Cheree with Prince and Debbie with Hayley!

Spring Fair, August 2011


This year, the Spring Fair moved to August - much milder weather!
We are pictured above winning the Best Non Sporting Breeders Team
under Breed Specialist, Mrs S Ikeda of Japan!  
A new lineup - Amanda with Jacob, Karen with Jackson, Alison with Takoda and Debbie with Sera.


Into the main ring for the finals judging - and 2011 Winners!!
Go Team!!

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011

Judging on breed day.


In the main ring on General Specials Day.
The team performed flawlessly - I was very proud of them!
Amanda with Orlando, Ashley with Jacob, Tanyia with Takoda and Rae with Dallas.


Winners on the Day were the Bulldogs.
Love this shot - now that is a straight line!

Spring Fair, November 2010

Winners of the Best Non Sporting team...

Amanda with Orlando, Tanyia with Jacob, Alison with Takoda and Ashley with Dallas.

then into the main ring for finals judging...


 2nd place in the Breeders Team Final! 

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2010

This picture is from Sydney Royal 2010 where we judged straight after breed judging....
so no time for changing into our uniforms.
Its a bit of a mixed group and all are young dogs! Bundy and Giselle are pictured here just over 2 years of age. Next in line is Jacob at 7 months and then Teddy at just 6 months of age.
Winners on the day were the Lhasa Apsos.

Spring Fair, November 2009


Just a 3 dog team this year and very bad timing for coats on the dogs too - 
hot weather = no coat!
We were Best Non Sporting Breeders Team.

Dalwood Charity Show, August 2009

At Dalwood again this year, the Breeders Group was judged as a sweepstakes at lunchtime. Here is Amanda with Orlando, Alison with Takoda, Tanyia with Bundy and Ashley with Giselle.
We were awarded 2nd Place! Winners were our regular rivals - the lovely English Springer Spaniels! 

Sydney Kennel Club, August 2009


Pictured above at Sydney KC - snapped on the left in a secret training session! 


Amanda with Orlando, Denise with Takoda (standing in for Alison - many thanks Denise!),
Debbie with Hiro and Karen with Bundy.

County of Cumberland Kennel Assn, April 2009

Hot on the heels of the Easter Show was the new Breeders Team competition at County of Cumberland -
judged by Miss Beth Warman of New Zealand.


We are pictured on the left in Group judging, and in the final on the right. The team performed extremely well.
We were competing against some wonderful, professional teams who we consistently meet in the Final!

And...winners again...Best Breeders Team in Show!

Amanda with Orlando, Alison with Takoda, Ashley with Bundy and Tanyia with Giselle.

Sydney Royal Easter Show, 2009 



We are pictured above winning Best Breeders Team in the Non Sporting Group! We received so many wonderful comments from suppoters and onlookers - it was very inspiring and such a proud moment.

This competition is now getting very popular and prestigious!
It was very well supported and the quality and presentation of all of the teams was world class.
The crowd was huge as it was again judged before Best in Show... the atmosphere was electric!

Pictured is Amanda with Orlando, Alison with Takoda, Ashley with Bundy and Tanyia with Giselle.

Dogs NSW Spring Fair, November 2008

Some last minute preparations and tactics...
Ashley with Giselle, Karen with Bundy, Alison with Takoda and Amanda with Orlando.


Ready...set...go...what an action shot!

Pictured here with all 7 finalists, judged under the big top by Mrs C Coxall of (UK) -
she also judged a final at the World Show in Sweden!

The judge selected our team and the Border Collie team to do one final lap for her decision...this time going with the Border Collies, but I was still extremely proud to be the Reserve Breeders team in Show.

The event was very well supported and the crowd encouragement was great - lots of cheering and applauding and many wonderful comments. A great idea to judge the final just before Best in Show judging.

        Dalwood Charity Show, August 2008


Ready for close examination by the judge...

 This year, Amanda with Orlando, Ashley with Hiro and Alison with Takoda.


Reigning Champions! 1st Place again in 2008!!!

 2008 Sydney Royal Easter Show


Best Non Sporting Breeders Group!

Amanda with Orlando, Shannon with Patrick, Alison with Takoda and Ashley with Hiro.

 Dalwood International Show 2007


 Last minute preparations...and waiting for the judge ...


Success!!! Winner of Best Breeders Group!!!

 Winners are grinners!!!

Amanda and Orlando, Alison and Takoda, Debbie and Priscilla, Ashley and Bronte.

Sydney Kennel Club 2007 


 Best Non Sporting Breeders Group

Amanda with Orlando, Alison with Takoda, Debbie with Priscilla and Karen with Bronte.

Dalwood International Show 2006


Amanda with Orlando, Alison with Takoda, Debbie with Priscilla and Karen with Bronte.






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